One Easy Way to Eat Healthier

meal planning

Sometimes I find eating healthy at home to be easy.  Other times it feels like an impossible task.  It all depends on one thing: whether or not I prep produce after grocery shopping. This may sound trivial, but buying, washing, and chopping fruits and veggies is the determining factor in whether or not my family […]

Why Pasture-Raised Is The New Organic

pasture raised dairy

Seems like many big meat and dairy companies are now selling an “organic” line.  But are all organic meats and dairy created equal? Not necessarily.  In most cases, the organic meat and dairy produced on pasture-based farms is better for human health, for animals, and for the land. Here’s why. There are two feeding methods that […]

Small Steps to Get to Know Your Food

stonyfield yogurt

As I peeled the lid off my yogurt this morning I saw this uplifting and actionable reminder.  With food choices more complicated and more overwhelming than ever, it’s helpful to remember that each purchase we make is an opportunity to “vote” for something better. When you know your food – like what’s in it and […]

How Much Sugar Should You Eat?


Americans eat a ridiculous amount of sugar: 22-28 teaspoons per day on average.  That’s clearly too much, as it means that 350-440 of our precious daily calories are being used up by sweeteners, which provide no nutrients and increase our risk of disease. So how much sweetener should you be eating?  [Note: I’m not going […]

Is Snacking Good or Bad?

is snacking healthy

Very few people eat three square meals anymore.  Most of us eat a lot more frequently than that, and in all sorts of places — in the car, at our desks, as we’re cooking, and on the couch while we watch TV. Is this bad?   Yes and no.  It’s definitely not good to eat […]

Do Eggs Really Raise Cholesterol?

high cholesterol foods

Thirty years ago we thought eggs, shellfish, and other high cholesterol foods raised cholesterol, but now we know that’s not really true.  The main factor in raising or lowering cholesterol is saturated fat.  Excess saturated fat is converted into cholesterol by the liver.  So, when you eat too much cheese, meat, cream, and other fatty […]

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