Healthy Holiday Giveaway #4: The Big Six from Peanut Butter & Co.

peanut butter & co

I don’t need to tell you how much I love Peanut Butter & Co. I’ve already done so here, here, here…and the list goes on! So I’ll get right to the point: Today’s giveaway – a 6-pack of Peanut Butter & Co’s most popular peanut butters – is a taking place on Eating Made Easy’s Facebook page. To be […]

Healthy Holiday Giveaway #3: Cooking Kit and Gingerbread Granola

pacific foods tetra paks

What if you could make delicious homemade food while spending a little less time in the kitchen? You can! This cooking kit from Pacific Foods offers all the ingredients many of us use during the holidays, plus a few shortcuts to make our lives easier. The difference between these products and the traditional canned and […]

Healthy Holiday Giveaway #2: Fitlosophy Food Scale


You’ve heard me say this a million times: small changes add up to big results that last. This, my friends, is the theme behind today’s giveaway. When you’re trying to lose or maintain weight, you don’t have to be a crazy calorie counter or know exactly how many carbs are in your bowl of oatmeal. […]

Healthy Holiday Giveaway #1: NatureBox


Buying snacks at the grocery store can be overwhelming. When you’re faced with a huge aisle of options, it’s hard to know where to begin, especially if you’re looking for something high quality and healthy. NatureBox solves this problem by delivering a variety of delicious, healthy snacks to your door every month. Their products adhere […]

How to Make Normal Food Seem Fancy

holiday entertaining

We’re in the trenches of the holiday season – a time of year when many of us entertain, host, and cook more than usual. Fun, yes, but it can also be stressful. If you’re the type to lose sleep over the food for your Christmas party or the dish you’ll bring to your neighbor’s potluck, […]

Creamy Pineapple Smoothie

pina colada smoothie

It’s chilly outside, but that doesn’t stop my smoothie cravings. There’s something so satisfying about a thick, creamy, fruity mixture (especially when it’s topped with granola), that it will forever be a year-round treat if you ask me. Both Lucy and I have been loving this tropical mixture lately. This is a very loose recipe, […]

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