Are You Being Fooled By Protein Drinks?

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When you hear “protein shake,” or see “30 grams of protein” on a smoothie bottle’s label, you might draw the conclusion that this beverage is a healthy choice. But protein drinks are usually high calorie, high in sugar and highly refined, making them a poor choice when compared to all the natural sources of protein you could be eating instead.

Take Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus for instance. This is their claim:

bolthouse farms

But if you look at the Nutrition Facts label, you see that you’d have to drink two¬†servings¬†to get the 30 grams of protein they brag about, which means you would also be consuming 420 calories and 52 grams of sugar.

bolthouse farms

And if you read the ingredients list, you see that the protein comes from two highly processed sources: whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate (the soy derivative that may increase estrogen levels in the body).

bolthouse farms

Nothing about this ingredients list looks appealing to me. Especially when you can get that much protein and fiber – plus a host of naturally-occurring nutrients and a lot more satisfaction – from a lower calorie whole foods snack like plain Greek yogurt with berries and chopped nuts.

Next time you’re contemplating a protein drink for a meal replacement or snack, choose one of these high protein options instead.

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  1. Thanks for this. What do you think about Tera’s organic whey protein as a post-workout snack?

    • Tera’s organic whey protein is fine, but in my view you’re better off eating a Greek yogurt with some fruit after a workout. In the contest between a real food and protein powder, real food always wins.

      • Thank you. I agree with you. I got a little lazy and resorted to Tera’s. Cottage cheese and frozen cherries has been another fav of mine lately so I’ll stick to that!

        • Cottage cheese and cherries sounds delish! When you’re short on time, the protein powder is fine. I just wouldn’t resort to it every time, or in place of whole foods if you have the choice.