The Best Christmas Quiche

christmas quiche

I love serving something eggy on Christmas morning. At our house, Christmas eve and the rest of Christmas day involve a substantial amount of sweet treats, so starting the day with a savory & veggie-heavy dish seems like the right way to go.

Most years I make this strata, a platter of roasted vegetables and some fresh fruit. But over the last few months I’ve become somewhat obsessed with this quiche recipe, and thus must break tradition this year and make it on Christmas morning.

pioneer woman quiche

By no means is this quiche healthy, but man is it good! I make a couple of alterations, because the nutritionist in me can’t help herself:

  • Saute the veggies in 1 Tbsp butter or olive oil instead of a whole stick of butter
  • Swap half & half out for the heavy cream – though I must say, using the heavy cream is kind of worth it!
  • Use Black Forest ham (I like Fork in the Road brand) instead of bacon, to make it a little less greasy.

You can add any veggies or swap around ingredients as you like. I’ve turned this quiche into all sorts of different quiches and it comes out perfectly every time.

christmas quiche

Oh, and I almost always use a store-bought pie crust – I like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods brands.

Here’s the recipe, from The Pioneer Woman herself.


best quiche recipe

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