Best Frozen Treats for Summer, and Giveaway!

best frozen desserts

Summer weather almost requires indulging in frozen desserts, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your healthy eating routine.  There are plenty of fantastic frozen treats that will satisfy your every craving while fueling you up with some important nutrients like protein and calcium.  Here are my favorite picks for this summer, and below is your chance to WIN ALL OF THESE FOR FREE!

Lifeway Frozen Kefir

frozen kefir

The tart and tangy flavor + the probiotic benefits of kefir — but frozen into an ice cream-like consistency!

Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt

greek frozen yogurt

Everything you love about Greek yogurt – satisfying protein, creaminess – but frozen.  And it’s organic.  My favorite is Vanilla Bean, but they have some tasty new flavors coming out this summer (Peach-Mango, and Super Fruits) which are tasty too.

Lifeway Greek-Style Fro Yo

greek frozen yogurt

The other of my two favorite Greek frozen yogurts, you will love the creaminess and amazing flavors (e.g. their honey flavor – they tested tons of exotic honeys before deciding on the best!) in this line.

Alden’s Organic Light Ice Cream

This has long been my favorite ice cream, and starting this summer it comes in a Light version!  All the delicious, organic goodness of their regular flavors but with less fat and calories.

best frozen desserts

Now: the giveaway!

Leave a comment with your favorite frozen dessert for summer, and you’ll be entered to win:

  • FREE Lifeway Frozen Kefir
  • FREE Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt
  • FREE Stonyfield Organic Ice Cream
  • FREE Lifeway Greek-Style Fro Yo

2 WINNERS picked on Thursday morning (6/28).  Don’t miss your chance to win!!  Good luck!!

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19 Responses to Best Frozen Treats for Summer, and Giveaway!

  1. My favorite frozen treat was Trader Joe’s frozen vanilla Greek yogurt with a drizzle of chocolate balsamic vinegar. Can’t find that frozen yogurt – may have to seek the Oikos instead!

  2. sounds crazy.. but graham crackers with PB2 and cinnamon spread on top and put in the freezer. i need to try it with bananas also!

  3. I love frozen yogurt with homemade hot fudge. The hot fudge recipe card is handwritten and calls for oleo. (passed down through the family) I love making it and enjoying it all summer long!

  4. I am a sucker for ice cream or fro yo. Doesn’t matter the flavor or the toppings – except for coconut I love them all!!

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