10 Reasons Why Good Nutrition Begins with Breastmilk

benefits of breastfeeding

It’s National Nutrition Month, and as a nutrition expert, I can’t let the month go by without talking about breastfeeding. Breastmilk is pretty mind-blowing when you learn about all it can do for a baby and mother’s health, in both the short and long-term. The nutritional benefits of breastmilk are endless, and it would take […]

7 Reasons Organic Produce Is Better Than Conventional

organic produce

Recently an article about organic vs. conventional produce got me REALLY fired up. The claim: conventional produce is just as healthy for kids as organic, and pesticides aren’t really a big deal. In simple terms, this is B.S. Sure, eating fruits and vegetables of any kind is better than not eating fruits and vegetables. And […]

Juicing: Is It Really A Healthy Habit?

is juicing healthy

People have been asking me about a lot about juicing lately, and after reading this recent article about juice cleanses and detox diets, I thought I’d revisit a post I published last year.  To juice or not to juice, that is the question. The answer is, as is often the case: it depends. Juicing can […]

Why I Cook with (Plenty of) Salt

is salt healthy

Salt has a mixed reputation. For every study showing that eating less salt saves lives, there’s another claiming salt isn’t as bad as we thought. In all likelihood, whether or not salt is truly “bad” for you depends on: Who you are & what chronic diseases run in your family What your general eating and exercise […]

Do Kids Really Need to Drink Milk?

lactose intolerance

If you’re a parent in America, odds are you’re frequently reminding your children to “drink their milk.” But…why? Is milk really that nutritious? More so than other foods? Do you ever wonder why milk is the one and only food we readily give our babies & children multiple times per day? While I personally love dairy products […]

How to Enjoy Cocktails This Season Without Gaining Weight


People often ask me what drinks are “healthiest,” or how they can drink alcohol without gaining weight. Alas, there’s no easy answer here. While drinking alcohol can fit into a healthy eating routine, there’s one reality we just can’t change: alcoholic drinks are just another source of extra calories.  There’s no magic drink that we can […]

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