4 Nutrition Myths I Used to Believe

food myths

  As I’ve said before, learning about nutrition and food is an ongoing process. It takes lots of reading, talking, gardening, farm visiting, cooking and eating to discover real nutritional truths, and despite extensive nutrition training, I’m still learning as I go. Sometimes I look back at very old blog posts and can hardly believe what I see. […]

How Much Sugar is Too Much?

added sugar

At any given time, people are collectively pointing fingers at a particular food or ingredient, saying it’s the thing to blame for our current obesity epidemic. Right now that food is sugar. But is sugar – and all it’s pseudonyms – really to blame for obesity? I say no. Though Americans do eat a lot more sugar […]

How to Choose Healthy Store-Bought Bread


Not all bread is created equal. Some breads are simple, wholesome and made with recognizable ingredients. Others are loaf-like shapes of refined grains, additives and preservatives. Since many of us (eh-hem…me) eat sandwiches and toast with regularity, it’s important to know how to find a good store-bought bread. Below is a guide of what to […]

3 Hot Dog Brands You Can Trust

best hot dogs

I love hot dogs to an embarrassing extent. I blame it on a long-standing family hot dog obsession In the past, this love conflicted with my values of supporting sustainable, pasture-based farms and choosing whole foods over heavily processed ones, since this is what conventional hot dogs contain: But not anymore! Thanks to a few stellar […]

Why Organic and Conventional Milk Are Completely Different

organic milk

Organic and conventional milk may look the same when poured into a glass. But they are hardly the same product. Here’s why. Conventional milk in the U.S. usually comes from cows raised on huge factory farms, often called “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” or CAFO’s. Conventional cows: Have zero access to pasture Are fed a diet of GMO soy […]

3 Egg Brands You Can Trust

pastured eggs

Eggs are one of the trickiest foods at the grocery store. Labels like “cage-free” (which means nothing), “free-range,” “pasture-raised,” etc. make it difficult to know exactly what you’re buying and which brands of eggs are best. I’ve posted egg buying guides before, but I thought it might be helpful to share a few of my favorite brands and why […]

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