12 Healthy Packaged Snacks for Traveling

road trip snacks

School is out, the weather is warm, and it’s time for a vacation! Whether you’re traveling this summer by plane, train or automobile, you’ll need some healthy packaged snacks to fuel you on the trip. Below are some of my favorite healthy snacks for traveling, all of which will please kids and adults alike. Happy trails! Late […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling a Picky Eater

picky eater

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cook something for dinner, put it on the table, and watch all your family members happily eat it? Yeah, right! Though Lucy is only three years old, she rarely comes to the table without an opinion about the foods I’ve prepared. Getting her to try new foods can be challenging, as […]

Why Organic and Conventional Milk Are Completely Different

organic milk

Organic and conventional milk may look the same when poured into a glass. But they are hardly the same product. Here’s why. Conventional milk in the U.S. usually comes from cows raised on huge factory farms, often called “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” or CAFO’s. Conventional cows: Have zero access to pasture Are fed a diet of GMO soy […]

3 Egg Brands You Can Trust

pastured eggs

Eggs are one of the trickiest foods at the grocery store. Labels like “cage-free” (which means nothing), “free-range,” “pasture-raised,” etc. make it difficult to know exactly what you’re buying and which brands of eggs are best. I’ve posted egg buying guides before, but I thought it might be helpful to share a few of my favorite brands and why […]

Creamy Amaranth Porridge

amaranth recipes

A few years ago I would have stared at you blankly if you asked me what amaranth was. But lately, I’ve been experimenting with different whole grains – for both taste and nutrition - and it’s led to some delicious results! Yesterday I cooked up some amaranth: a high-protein, gluten-free grain (seed, actually!) that was a staple food of […]

5 Weird Diet Tricks that Work

diet tricks

If you’ve ever visited this blog before, you know I’m not a fan of dieting. Dieting doesn’t work! However, strategizing to increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to healthy habits can be effective. Below are a few strategies that can truly work to help you lose or maintain weight. 1. Eat your snacks off of a plate, with […]

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