9 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

school lunch ideas

Time for another installment of school lunch ideas, because in my opinion you can never have enough! Here’s what Lucy’s been eating lately… Ham & cream cheese sandwich (Fork in the Road Ham!), Stonyfield yogurt pouch, grapes, strawberries.   Cream cheese sandwich on a cranberry orange roll, purple carrots, watermelon, pistachios, popcorn.   Lentils (cooked […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

peanut butter cup cookies

My definition of junk food has really evolved over the years. First it was anything with a lot of calories. Then it was anything with a lot of calories and not a lot of nutrients. Now, I think of junk as processed foods that contain additives or unidentifiable ingredients I would never keep in my own kitchen. I […]

How Much Sugar is Too Much?

added sugar

At any given time, people are collectively pointing fingers at a particular food or ingredient, saying it’s the thing to blame for our current obesity epidemic. Right now that food is sugar. But is sugar – and all it’s pseudonyms – really to blame for obesity? I say no. Though Americans do eat a lot more sugar […]

How Much Should My Kid Be Eating?


Many parents worry whether their children are getting enough – or too much – to eat. And for good reason, since kids’ appetites can change frequently and be difficult to predict. In general, kids are pretty good about eating according to their hunger, but they do need us to offer healthy & appealing foods, limit snacking and sometimes prompt them to listen to […]

5 Easy and Satisfying Make-Ahead Breakfasts

quick breakfast ideas

Mornings are a zoo at my house. With two tiny kids to feed, dress, rally and get ready for the day, there’s almost no time left for me to get dressed and brush my teeth, let alone make breakfast for myself. The following quick and easy breakfasts help to save me. I can make them ahead of time and […]

How My Food Habits Have Changed Since Becoming a Mom

mom eating habits

The other day my husband and I were trying to remember how spent our evenings before having kids. Embarrassingly enough, we could hardly recall what we used to do with the time we now devote to feeding, bathing, reading, teeth-brushing and corralling kiddos before bed. One thing we were able to remember was that I used to make […]

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