10 Reasons Why Good Nutrition Begins with Breastmilk

benefits of breastfeeding

It’s National Nutrition Month, and as a nutrition expert, I can’t let the month go by without talking about breastfeeding. Breastmilk is pretty mind-blowing when you learn about all it can do for a baby and mother’s health, in both the short and long-term. The nutritional benefits of breastmilk are endless, and it would take […]

Three-Color Hummus {and Cookbook Giveaway}

easy hummus recipe

I’ve always loved inviting Lucy to “help” me in the kitchen, but it’s become even more fun over the last six months when she can really take part in the creation of our family’s food. Most recently, we made Three-Color Hummus from the new Straight From the Earth cookbook (by Myra & Marea Goodman, the Earthbound Farm […]

6 Cool New Products to Watch For

yobaby pouches

Every year I go to Expo West, a huge (HUGE) natural living trade show. Many natural food companies release or showcase new products at Expo, and I love seeing what’s recently been brought to market. Below are a few of the things I was excited about this year: Late July makes my favorite tortilla chips, […]

7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Try New Foods

grow happy blog

Quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and cheese & crackers are all Lucy would eat if it were up to her. Like many kids, her palate tends toward simple tastes, and getting her to try new foods can be a challenge. Luckily, what she eats is not up to her (yet). It’s up to me! During these […]

7 Reasons Organic Produce Is Better Than Conventional

organic produce

Recently an article about organic vs. conventional produce got me REALLY fired up. The claim: conventional produce is just as healthy for kids as organic, and pesticides aren’t really a big deal. In simple terms, this is B.S. Sure, eating fruits and vegetables of any kind is better than not eating fruits and vegetables. And […]

Helping Kids Grow Happy

grow happy initiative

One of the main reasons I started this blog was my concern for the obesity epidemic in the U.S.  Not only can being obese significantly decrease quality of life for both kids and adults, but it can also quickly lead to other chronic diseases that shorten our life-span. No one deserves a life filled with […]

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