Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

peanut butter cup cookies

My definition of junk food has really evolved over the years. First it was anything with a lot of calories. Then it was anything with a lot of calories and not a lot of nutrients. Now, I think of junk as processed foods that contain additives or unidentifiable ingredients I would never keep in my own kitchen. I […]

Blueberry Banana Frozen Yogurt

blueberry soft serve

It may be September, but it’s still so hot in Los Angeles that my mind won’t yet stray from popsicles and ice cream. Thankfully, I never get board of frozen treats, and believe they have a place on the menu during every season no matter the weather. So even if you’re in a cooler climate and already onto apple and pumpkin recipes, […]

3 Quick and Easy Peach Recipes

peach recipes

Peaches are ridiculously good right now. So good that I rarely do anything with them besides sink my teeth in as-is. But when you have an abundance of ripe fresh peaches, I highly recommend making one of these easy recipes. Casual enough to make just for yourself but tasty and beautiful enough to serve to company. […]

14 Must-Make Frozen Treats

s'mores recipes

July was a busier-than-usual month for me… Even so, I can’t believe it’s already August!! I’m not quite ready to dive into back-to-school, lunch-packing, and all the things the next season brings, so let’s continue talking about ice cream, shall we? July was Frozen Treat Month here on Eating Made Easy, and I can’t resist wrapping up by sharing […]

Frozen Dessert Recipe Round Up

vegan ice cream

July, a.k.a. Frozen Treat Month, is almost over! Before we wrap up this delicious themed month, I wanted to share a few frozen desserts from other bloggers that are on my Must-Make List. I’ve already had the pleasure of eating Liz’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Caroline’s Skinny Cookie Dough Popsicles – and the other three […]

Mango Chia Seed Smoothie

chia seed smoothie

I love chia seeds for their nutritional properties, but don’t always want the seedy, tapioca-like texture of chia in puddings & gels. Enter the chia seed smoothie. Chia seeds in smoothies help create a thick, smooth texture that’s enough to make you feel like you’re drinking a rich milkshake. Once I discovered this, I started adding […]

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