Make Your Own Hot Dog Buffet

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I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit how much I like hot dogs, but the truth is I love them.  They’re one of my favorite meals, especially during the summer when you can toss them on the grill, add a few toppings, and call it dinner.  You can imagine how excited I was to find these hot dogs:

hot dog recipes

which are not only organic, grass-fed beef hot dogs (Seriously! And bonus: now available at Trader Joe’s), but also happen to be one of the tastiest dogs on the market.  This Fourth of July, I’m going to grill a bunch of these puppies up for a Make-Your-Own Hot Dog Buffet.  I’ll put out some little bowls of traditional and not-so-traditional toppings

hot dog recipes

hot dog recipes

and let people build their own dog.

hot dog recipes

This set up plus some fresh fruit platters and a bowl of my lightened potato salad is all we need for a true all-American celebration.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!!

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  1. I found these hot dogs at Publix in Tampa. I was so excited to try them. I made a hot dog bar for dinner last night. They were really yummy!

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