7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Try New Foods

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Quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and cheese & crackers are all Lucy would eat if it were up to her. Like many kids, her palate tends toward simple tastes, and getting her to try new foods can be a challenge. Luckily, what she eats is not up to her (yet). It’s up to me! During these […]


Recipe Round-Up: 5 Naturally Green St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

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St. Patrick’s Day is all about green food. But how a green food gets its color is key. Naturally green foods are rich in nutrients and thus something we should all be eating more of, but artificially-colored green foods? Not so much. Artificial food coloring is derived from petroleum, and has been shown to increase […]


7 Reasons Organic Produce Is Better Than Conventional

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Recently an article about organic vs. conventional produce got me REALLY fired up. The claim: conventional produce is just as healthy for kids as organic, and pesticides aren’t really a big deal. In simple terms, this is B.S. Sure, eating fruits and vegetables of any kind is better than not eating fruits and vegetables. And […]


Helping Kids Grow Happy

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One of the main reasons I started this blog was my concern for the obesity epidemic in the U.S.  Not only can being obese significantly decrease quality of life for both kids and adults, but it can also quickly lead to other chronic diseases that shorten our life-span. No one deserves a life filled with […]


Juicing: Is It Really A Healthy Habit?

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People have been asking me about a lot about juicing lately, and after reading this recent article about juice cleanses and detox diets, I thought I’d revisit a post I published last year.  To juice or not to juice, that is the question. The answer is, as is often the case: it depends. Juicing can […]


All Natural Shamrock Shake

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Every March I’m tempted to indulge in a Shamrock Shake (or two) in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. I’m all about a splurge, but I hesitate on this one because I know a traditional green shamrock shake includes a large helping of artificial colors – and probably artificial flavors too. So this year I decided […]


9 Tips for Shopping at Whole Foods on a Budget {and Giveaway!}

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Since having Lucy, I’ve become even more devoted to buying organic and knowing where my food comes from. Thus I shop almost exclusively at Whole Foods and my local farmer’s markets, where it’s pretty easy to make healthy and eco-friendly food choices. But like many families, we don’t have an unlimited food budget. And shopping […]

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