Summer Camp Lunch Ideas and Lucy’s Dream Lunch

rock the lunchbox

No matter how creative a parent you are, coming up with new, appealing, healthy lunchbox ideas is no easy task. For this reason you’ve seen me post a lot about school lunch ideas, and how I try to keep lunchtime fresh and exciting for Lucy (so that she’ll actually eat what I pack). This summer, I’ve […]


Breakfast Strata with Ham, Zucchini and Fresh Corn


I’ve never really thought twice about ham. At the deli counter, I always choose turkey. At holiday meals where ham is served, I’m usually more interested in the sides. But last summer, I bought some sliced Fork in the Road Black Forest Ham to use in a quiche. After tasting a piece, I called Lucy […]


5 Tips for Picnicking with Kids & The Perfect Picnic Salad

kale salad

When the weather gets warm, I just want to eat outside! Whether it’s a picnic dinner with friends, an afternoon snack under a shady tree, or a lunchtime play date at the park – my family is happiest when dining al fresco. Of course, picnicking with kids can quickly turn into a long day of […]


7 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

grocery shopping

People often talk about how much it costs to eat healthy. But the truth is, making healthy meals at home can actually save you a lot of money compared to dining out or buying convenience foods. All you need are some grocery shopping and meal planning strategies. Below are my tips for getting the most bang for your buck […]


3 Hot Dog Brands You Can Trust

best hot dogs

I love hot dogs to an embarrassing extent. I blame it on a long-standing family hot dog obsession In the past, this love conflicted with my values of supporting sustainable, pasture-based farms and choosing whole foods over heavily processed ones, since this is what conventional hot dogs contain: But not anymore! Thanks to a few stellar […]


12 Healthy Packaged Snacks for Traveling

road trip snacks

School is out, the weather is warm, and it’s time for a vacation! Whether you’re traveling this summer by plane, train or automobile, you’ll need some healthy packaged snacks to fuel you on the trip. Below are some of my favorite healthy snacks for traveling, all of which will please kids and adults alike. Happy trails! Late […]


The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling a Picky Eater

picky eater

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cook something for dinner, put it on the table, and watch all your family members happily eat it? Yeah, right! Though Lucy is only three years old, she rarely comes to the table without an opinion about the foods I’ve prepared. Getting her to try new foods can be challenging, as […]

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