Butternut Squash Quesadillas with Sweet Red Peppers and Spinach

healthy quesadilla

I’ve never been into Astrology, but when Earthbound Farm asked me to take the Salad Sign Quiz they were offering as part of their 30th birthday celebration, I was willing to reconsider. Salad Astrology? Now that’s up my alley. (P.s. Take the quiz and be entered to win one of 30 “mystery” prizes they’re giving away each week this month. […]


Chocolate Berry Kale Smoothie

kale smoothie

I honestly never thought I’d combine kale and chocolate, but gave it a whirl the other day in this Chocolate Berry Kale Smoothie and it totally worked! You can’t taste the kale, but you can taste the chocolate and berries. What’s not to like?! For this recipe I used a package of Earthbound Farm’s Kale Berry […]


5 Minute Veggie Flatbread

veggie flatbread

During the last two months, I’ve repeatedly asked myself how people with more than one child find the time to make dinner?! Because in spite of food being my work and my passion, I’m still finding it hard to get dinner on the table without a huge amount of scrambling and chaos. What has saved me are these […]


How Much Should My Kid Be Eating?


Many parents worry whether their children are getting enough – or too much – to eat. And for good reason, since kids’ appetites can change frequently and be difficult to predict. In general, kids are pretty good about eating according to their hunger, but they do need us to offer healthy & appealing foods, limit snacking and sometimes prompt them to listen to […]


10 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

reduce kitchen waste

At Home 1. Take inventory. Avoid buying what you already have by looking in your pantry, fridge and freezer before heading to the store. You may find some of what you need (or suitable replacements) right in your own kitchen. 2. Practice FIFO. Restaurants and supermarkets follow the “first in, first out” rule – and so should we. When […]


5 Easy and Satisfying Make-Ahead Breakfasts

quick breakfast ideas

Mornings are a zoo at my house. With two tiny kids to feed, dress, rally and get ready for the day, there’s almost no time left for me to get dressed and brush my teeth, let alone make breakfast for myself. The following quick and easy breakfasts help to save me. I can make them ahead of time and […]


Your Lunchbox Problems, Solved. (Plus see me on TV!)

rock the lunchbox

If you have school-aged kids and are gearing up for another year of packing lunches, this post is for you! Last week, as part of my partnership with Rock the Lunchbox, (an awesome online gallery of lunch ideas for parents), I appeared on 23 different morning shows around the country to share some of my favorite products and lunch-packing tips. […]

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