Nature Valley: Not So Natural After All

nature valley granola bars

When you buy a product called “Nature Valley,” in a box labeled “100% natural,” you’re probably assuming the product is a natural, healthy choice, right? Wrong.  If you examine the ingredients in most Nature Valley products, you’ll find high maltose corn syrup, maltodextrin, and sometimes high fructose corn syrup — 3 highly processed ingredients that […]

The Best Granola Bars

healthy granola bars

One look at the huge wall of granola bar packages in the grocery store aisle is enough to make even the most savvy shopper feel stumped.  Phrases like “Whole grains inside!” or “Now, with fiber!” or “Less sugar than leading brands!” seem to appear on every box.  So how do you know which bars are […]

Healthy Alternatives to 7 Common Lunch Box Foods


If you’re a busy mom or dad who packs the kids’ lunch everyday, tossing in less-than-healthy convenience foods is a real temptation, because they’re just so easy.  But many of these single-serving convenience foods are made of ingredients that even I don’t recognize, not to mention are packed with sugar, artificial colors, and additives you […]

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