Why Willpower Won’t Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

holiday weight gain

There was a stellar article in the Huffington Post a few days ago about willpower’s ineffectiveness when it comes to healthy eating.  We all technically have willpower, but it’s a limited amount and when it runs out, we usually end up overeating or indulging more than we would have if we’d never restricted ourselves in […]

3 Quick Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

1.  Drink a full glass of water between helpings.  This will help you determine whether you’re still hungry or just thirsty, and will speed the process of your brain telling you that you’re full (or not). 2.  Go for a walk before – and after – your meal.  Even if it’s a slow stroll, a […]

Preventing Weight Gain in the Face of Temptation

holiday weight gain

We’re right in the middle of the most tempting time of year.  Everywhere you look there are cookies, candy, cocktails, parties, and overabundant dinner tables.  Its no fun to skip out on this stuff (and who on earth has the will power to do that?), but its also no fun to barely fit in your […]

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