5 Smoothies to Get You Through The Holiday Season

smoothie healthy recipe

Anyone else craving some clean eats and fresh food after the long weekend of indulgence? I certainly am. With only one holiday down and two (plus countless holiday parties) to go, I want to establish my healthy-December-eating routine now – before it’s too late. This means incorporating lots of veggies & fruits in all my […]

Blueberry Hemp Smoothie

hemp recipes

This smoothie marked my inaugural use of hemp seeds.  I wasn’t sure what to do with hemp or whether I would like it, but I found that the seeds added a nice texture and nutty flavor to my smoothie.  They also made a smoothie more of a filling meal because of their fat, protein, and […]

Banana Split Smoothie

banana split smoothie

This may sound like an indulgence, but it’s actually a healthy snack that will also satisfy your sweet tooth.  Someone posted this on Twitter the other day and it looked so good I immediately made it.  I added some chopped nuts on top since I was having it for lunch and wanted it to be […]

Super Strawberry Smoothie

smoothie healthy recipe

  June is one of the best months for sweet, juicy strawberries.  They’re perfect for snacking on or using in salads, but I also love blending them into cool, creamy smoothies like this one.  The berries are so sweet you don’t need any sweetener in this, just the fruit.  To make your smoothie a full […]

5 Easy Strawberry Recipes

strawberry recipes

We’re nearing the end of strawberry season, so it’s time to squeeze the last bit of pleasure out of summer’s most popular fruit!  Here are some creative ways to enjoy your last few strawberries: Strawberries with Brown Sugar and Sour Cream. Rinse and hull your strawberries.  Place 1/4 cup light sour cream in a little […]

Acai Bowls: Keeping You Fit or Making You Fat?

acai calories

Question: What’s the skinny on acai bowls?  I’ve had about a million of them over the past 6 weeks and am not looking like a runway model yet.  Are they really that healthy? Answer: Acai (ah-sigh-ee) is a Brazilian berry that caught the attention of Americans a few years ago for being the most “antioxidant-packed […]

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