Don’t Let Weekend Brunch Ruin Your Diet

Love going to brunch but feel like it messes up your healthy eating routine? Here’s how to have the best of both worlds. Have a great weekend!  

Top 7 Weight Loss Tips for 2013

weight loss

If you have “Getting Healthy” on your 2013 to-do list but missed Weight Loss Week, here’s a wrap up of my seven tips for easier weight loss. Losing weight will never be truly easy, but it can be a less stressful and more pleasurable process if you approach it wisely. Below are practical tips that allow […]

Weight Loss Tip #7

weight loss

Find a community. Losing weight requires effort. There are frequent hurdles to jump over. It can be trying at times. And it’s nearly impossible to do alone. So one of the best ways to ensure your success is to find some support. A community of any kind – be it a formal one like Weight […]

Weight Loss Tip #6

weight loss tips

Eat no more than one carb-heavy meal per day. I love carbs.  Really, who doesn’t?  Bread, pasta, rice, pancakes, tortillas, French fries, baked goods, etc. – these are the foods that make the world go round if you ask me. But eating too many carb-heavy foods can make losing weight difficult, since these foods can […]

Weight Loss Tip #4

weight loss

Don’t eat food you don’t like. If the thought of oatmeal in the morning makes you want to go back to bed, avoid oatmeal. If steamed vegetables make you dread dinner, prepare your vegetables in another way. There is so much good healthy food in the world that we don’t need to force ourselves to eat […]

Weight Loss Week Starts Tomorrow!

how to lose weight

Today marks the beginning of 2013. The last year flew by, but I am so excited for yet another opportunity to start fresh! Like most of you, I have a big New Years resolution: to devote more time exercise, sleep, and healthy meal preparation. Though I’m already pretty healthy, these 3 areas of life were […]

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