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10 Affordable Non-Toxic Products That Really Work

affordable non-toxic products that really work

Switching from conventional to non-toxic products is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, everyday. Not only do more natural and organic products protect you and your family from harsh chemicals, they also help keep these chemicals out of our air, water and soil. Choosing natural alternatives helps ensure a healthier, safer environment now and for generations to come.

Of course, we all still want products that we can afford and that truly work! Because what good is using a natural product if it’s priced for celebrities or doesn’t effectively do the job we want it to?

Over the years I’ve tried just about every natural product on the market. Below are 10 that really, truly work. These home, bath and beauty products can be found in regular stores and are only slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts.

Happy Earth Day!

10 affordable non-toxic products that work

  1. Alaffia shea butter soap. Smells divine (naturally) and supports sustainable business in communities in Togo, Africa.
  2. Molly’s Wool Dryer Balls. Use these instead of dryer sheets for soft, static-free clothes. These also decrease drying time and prevent your fitted sheets/big items from balling up.
  3. Acure conditioner. I have thick, tangly hair that’s nearly impossible to brush. This is the only natural conditioner I’ve found that makes brushing easier.
  4. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dishwasher Detergent. Cleans effectively without leaving spots or residue on your dishes.
  5. Alfalfa face lotion with SPF 15. We keep this on our bathroom counters to put on our faces, arms and hands every morning. It stays put without feeling greasy, and I love that it comes in a pump container.
  6. Babyganics body lotion. Hands down the BEST body lotion on the market, in my opinion. Perfect for all ages.
  7. Honest Company Breathe Easy Rub. An organic alternative to Vicks Vapo-rub (which has menthol and can cause wheezing especially in kiddos) that smells great and helps relax my kiddos before bed when they have colds.
  8. Sweat Cosmetics translucent powder sunscreen. I keep this stick in my purse and brush on a little whenever the sun gets strong or when I feel like my morning sunscreen may be wearing off. Bonus – it’s makeup so it makes me look better not worse (like sunscreen often does).
  9. Honest Company Mineral Sunscreen Spray. I find sunscreen sprays to be more convenient than lotions, especially for active kids. This one is super effective, easy to rub in, and is mineral-based (no unnecessary chemicals).
  10. Honest Company Conditioning Detangler. Adios, tangles and rats nests. This spray makes morning hair brushing SO much less of a battle and even my own hair wouldn’t survive without it.

Where to find all this stuff:

Target — Honest Company, Babyganics, Seventh Generation

Whole Foods / Sprouts — Alaffia, Acure, Honest Company, Seventh Generation

Online – Molly’s Suds, Sweat Costmetics

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