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10 Healthy Foods to Buy Now

Ready to hit the refresh button? Me too. But not with a cleanse, detox or new diet – because none of those things work.

What’s always worked for me is thinking about what I can have and what I do get to eat when I’m getting back on track with a wholesome eating routine. Instead of feeling deprived, I feel inspired and excited by my day-to-day eats.

So here are 10 unique, healthy and sustainably-produced foods to add to your shopping list as you start this new year.

10 Healthy Foods to Buy in 2017

foods to buy in 2017

Mary’s Gone Crackers. Probably the least-processed, highest quality cracker you can buy. Add cheese or hummus and eat alongside fresh veggies & fruits for a quick and healthy lunch or even dinner.

healthiest foods to buy this year

Plain whole milk yogurt. A few months ago I stopped buying flavored yogurt altogether. It took my kids 2-3 days to adjust, but now we all enjoy it as much as the sweeter kinds. Look for plain yogurt (bonus points for organic grass-fed) that has nothing added beyond milk and live cultures. Low-fat and nonfat are OK too, but I find whole satisfies me for much longer so I eat less in the end.

healthiest foods for 2017

Dry beans. Nothing gives you more bang for your buck than a bag of dry beans. One cooked batch can yield several days worth of meals, and is a great way to avoid BPA exposure from cans. Here are some tips and recipe ideas.

best foods to buy in 2017

Heavenly Organics honey. No other honey is as pure, the method used for collecting is non-invasive and preserves bee habitats, and the company employs men in the Himalayas who have few other employment options beyond terrorism. Heavenly is right.

best foods to buy in 2017

Back to the Roots cereals. Most breakfast cereals are highly processed and contain many ingredients, but not Back to the Roots. This 3-ingredient cereal is as pure as it gets, tastes great, is sourced directly from biodynamic farms.

best foods for 2017

Kombucha. Like other naturally-fermented foods, kombucha contains good bacteria and promotes good digestion, among other benefits. Here are my tips for finding a brand you can trust, since not all kombucha is created equal. (Disclaimer: I work for Health-Ade, so I obviously think it’s the best!)

best foods for 2017

Crunchamame edamame snacks. Keep these stashed in your purse, car or office drawer for whenever you have a salty snack craving. They taste amazing but are a whole, real food that’s high in fiber and protein.

best foods to buy in 2017

Pasture Butter. If you’re going to eat butter, this is (literally) the cream of the crop. The milk for this butter comes from cows that were exclusively grass-fed on Organic Valley farms, where the land and animals are well-treated and the farms promote a healthy environment. More on grass-fed dairy here.

best foods to buy in 2017

Klio tea. Better than green tea when it comes to taste (the flavor is softer and sweeter) and immune-boosting function. And it’s been shown to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. And it’s both completely unprocessed and caffeine free. What’s not to love? More on Klio here.

best foods for 2017

Bulk items. Two of the best things we can do for our health and our planet are to reduce packaging and reduce food waste. The bulk bins allow you to do both. Bring your own reusable cloth bulk bin bags and buy the exact amount you need. You’ll save money and feel efficient. See #8 on this list for my fave bulk bags.

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  • Jessica Clark
    January 4, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Thank you very much for this post! AND that you have it emailed out. I got it in my email inbox and that was so much easier for me. Timely article. Loved the photos. Grateful for the reminder about BPA in cans. Happy New Year!

  • Amelia Winslow
    January 5, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Thanks, Jessica! I’m glad you found the post helpful. Happy new year to you too!

  • Kris Eldean
    February 4, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    This is a very user-friendly post – love the pics and recipe ideas. Am hopeful I can locate a few of these items in my town.

  • Zoe Fu
    March 5, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Hi, I’m enjoying your site. Good to learn about Heavenly Organics, and that I can order it here in Canada too (albeit by the case).

    Good products.

    One thing, I love buying in bulk, and still do. However, one of my kids has a serious nut allergy, so anyone whose bulk snacks can come into contact with others should keep in mind that bulk items do not come from a nut-free facility.

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