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13 Better-For-You Candy Swaps for Halloween

It’s Candy Season! Admittedly one of my favorite times of year – for better or worse.

To celebrate, I’ve created a guide that will allow us all to enjoy Halloween and the treat-filled weeks before it, without loading our bodies with artificial ingredients.

Now, because I’m a nutritionist and care about your family’s health, I feel compelled to remind you (and me, since I can get carried away when it comes to sweets) of a few key things:
  • No candy is “healthy.”
  • The options in this guide are free of artificial ingredients, pesticides and GMOs, which makes them much better than conventional candy, but they should still be eaten in reasonable amounts.
  • Sugar – especially gummies – can contribute to cavities so try to swish with water after indulging these treats.
  • If you love candy like I do, “save up” for it by skipping other indulgences on a day you plan to enjoy a helping. Make sure the rest of your day is filled with fruits, veggies, protein, healthy fat, fermented foods and whole grains.
Besides that, enjoy! And if you want to try any of these but can’t find them, come trick-or-treating at my house! Or alternatively, leave a comment and I’ll try to help 😉

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