3 Quick Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

holiday weight gain

1.  Drink a full glass of water between helpings.  This will help you determine whether you’re still hungry or just thirsty, and will speed the process of your brain telling you that you’re full (or not).

2.  Go for a walk before – and after – your meal.  Even if it’s a slow stroll, a walk in the fresh air will make you feel more alive on a day when lethargy rules.

3.  Remember, you get to eat again tomorrow too.  Thanksgiving is not your last supper, nor is it your last chance to splurge this season.  So focus on quality, not quantity (I know I’m sounding very un-American here).  Really taste each morsel that goes into your mouth, and before you jump up to reload your plate, ask yourself if you’d be just as happy having your second helping tomorrow, instead this very instant.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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