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3 Tricks to Prep for a Junk Food Overload

halloween tips

It’s Halloween, and just like everyone else I plan to indulge tonight. Starbursts, Twix, and candy corn will begin to cower when they see me coming, and since Lucy and I will be bouncing between a few parties, I’m sure I’ll have my fair share of wine and snacks too.

But this doesn’t mean I have to devote my entire week to junk food.  Whenever there’s a holiday or other food-focused party coming up, I follow these “tricks” (so-to-speak!) to make sure I don’t completely derail my healthy eating routine.

  1. Eat lots of vegetables. Before and after an indulgence, pack in as many veggies as you can. Choose salads, soups, and veggie mixed dishes for meals, and snack on fruits or veggies with dip between meals. Pair F&V with lean protein or a few nuts to increase satisfaction.
  2. Eat regular meals. Skipping meals to “save up” for future indulging tends to backfire. Instead, eat regular yet light snacks and meals during the day/days before a big meal or holiday party.
  3. Get right back on track the next day. Holidays only wreak havoc on our diets when they don’t end. After a splurge, get back to healthy eating at the very next meal. Following this tactic will allow you to enjoy the loooooong upcoming holiday season without weight gain.

Here’s what this looked like in real life today…

For breakfast, Lucy and I both had plain low-fat yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and cereal.

food overload

halloween tips

For lunch, I made a salad for me:

and eggs with spinach and leftover roasted potatoes for Lucy.

After inhaling the eggs,

she ate the majority of my salad, too.

This was all she left me!

(Look of innocence)…

So I made another one and ate up.

On the menu tonight: Candy. Mmm.

Happy Halloween!!

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