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5 Easy School Lunch Ideas

easy lunch ideas

I haven’t been good about photographing Lucy’s packed lunch lately, but I wanted to share a few recent photos since we parents are constantly looking for ways to break out of our lunch ruts.

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Here are a few of the combinations Lucy’s been enjoying at school lately. In bigger portions, these would be great for adult lunches too!

easy lunch ideas

Stonyfield YoBaby plain yogurt with homemade granola, apple slices and Cruncha-ma-me freeze dried edamame.

easy lunch ideas

Organic Valley white cheddar, Applegate mini pepperoni, carrot sticks with hummus, Eda-Zen edamame and mango.

easy lunch ideas

Mini carrots & cucumber slices, pita shapes, yogurt dip, organic string cheese and homemade blueberry applesauce.

easy lunch ideas

Mini whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and Ojai Pixie (best mini oranges ever!)

easy lunch ideas

Mango chunks, honey roasted nuts & dried cherries, Eda-Zen edamame and Stonyfield YoBaby pouch.

I’ll admit: not everything gets eaten everyday, but when I involve Lucy in our food shopping (like at the farmer’s market above) and use these tips to get kids to try new foods, she’s much more likely to eat what I pack.

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