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5 Tips For Eating Healthy On Vacation

eat healthy on vacation

Traveling can really throw a wrench in your healthy eating routine, which means you may return from a trip feeling bloated and sluggish instead of relaxed and refreshed.  Yuck!   So before you go, plan to follow these simple tips.  You’ll still get to enjoy yourself and indulge a bit, but you’ll also come back looking and feeling your best!

1. Choose your indulgences wisely. If you want a fruity cocktail by the pool, skip the fries at lunch.  If you want dessert after dinner, have a salad or veggie-heavy appetizer for your entree.  You can splurge on something everyday, you just can’t splurge on everything everyday.

2. Be active. Toss a frisbee on the beach.  Jump in the waves with the kids.  Play volleyball in the pool.  Head out for a family hike.  And walk as many places as you can.  Burning calories on vacation isn’t a chore, it’s fun!

3.  Limit alcohol. Don’t worry, you can still drink!  Just keep in mind that alcoholic beverages are “empty calories,” and may lower your inhibitions causing you to eat unhealthy foods or eat more in general.  So drink plenty of water between cocktails, and limit your consumption to a couple drinks per day.

4. Eat the local cuisine. Every part of the world has their own culinary specialties, usually based on what produce is in season.  Try as many local fruits & veggies as you can, and order unique salads and other veggie-heavy foods when eating out.  You just may find your newest favorite food!

5. Pack your swimsuit or a fitted outfit. This may sound silly, but if you have to spend the day in a swimsuit or wear tight jeans out to dinner one night, you probably won’t be as tempted to overeat.  Bring a couple “skinny” outfits that will motivate you to keep your shape while away on vacation.

Now, have fun!!!

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