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64 Ways to Eat Food

Michael Pollan is one of my favorite food-related authors.  His new book, FOOD RULES: An Eater’s Manual, “is a useful and funny purse-sized manual that could easily replace all the diet books on your bookshelf,” says Tara Parker-Pope, a columnist for the NY Times.

Parker-Pope goes on to say “I love this book not only for its simplicity and practical advice, but because the rules themselves are memorable and will ring in your head long after you read it. Choosing just one rule that is new to you from each of the book’s three sections would certainly lead to meaningful changes in your eating habits.”

Read more of her article here.

A few of Pollan’s food rule highlights:

  • If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t.
  • It’s not food if it’s served through the window of your car.  
  • It’s not food if it’s called by the same name in every language.  (i.e. Big Mac, Cheetos, Coke)
  • Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.  (this is not because homemade junk food is healthy, but because it’s labor-intensive and cumbersome to make, so you won’t make it very often & will eat junk in moderation by default)

This is a humorous book, with realistic and practical “rules” you can try to integrate into your life.  There are 64 of them not because you have to do all of them, but so you can choose ones most relevant to you.  I highly recommend at least flipping through this!


  • Amelia Doherty
    January 9, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    I've been wanting to check this out! Thanks for the "review"! 🙂

    January 29, 2010 at 9:07 am

    The book is great because it's straightforward, funny, and lighthearted, even though it's giving "rules" – let me know how you like it!

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