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Lose the Baby Weight Week 4 Class and Homework

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Hi Ladies!

Hope this last week went well.  Thanks to all those who joined us for the webinar last night — topic: Do Sweat the Small Stuff.  The recorded version can be found here.

Homework for the week:

1.  Within your food diary (either the last one or one from this coming week), look for the following:

  • Small places where you “spend” calories on “extras” — e.g. sugar in coffee, mayo on a sandwich, nibbling on food as you make your child’s meal or as you’re packing your lunch.  Cutting out these very small things probably won’t even matter to you, and the deficit you’ll create can really add up.  For me, this is not nibbling on cookies just because they’re in front of me when I’m hungry — a small change that can add up to 250 calorie daily reduction and 0.5 lb per week weight loss — just from that one tiny change!
  • Places where you can substitute something lighter in place of something heavier.  E.g. if you normally snack uncontrollably at night, give yourself a small snack like hot cocoa that will feel satisfying without piling on the calories.
  • Times when you get overly hungry and then overeat.

2.  Make two “mini-goals” (like my example above) that you can focus on this week.  Perhaps it’s “buy granola bars and keep one in my purse for emergency hunger situations” or “make pasta with a veggie-based sauce instead of a heavy meat sauce.”  These are clear, tangible, measurable goals that you will quickly know if you met or not.   These goals should feel doable, and you should be able to look back at your week and know for sure how you did.

Have a great week and look forward to chatting with you in the forum!

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