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Arugula Salad with Quinoa and Dried Cherries

winter salad

Traditional salads often taste terrible during winter.  Yellow, powdery tomatoes + flavorless cucumbers + watery iceberg lettuce = blech!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t make fabulous winter salads in a flash – you just need different ingredients.

My favorite winter salad lately is arugula (baby greens are hearty enough to make it through winter in many parts of the country) with quinoa, apples, green onions, dried cherries, goat cheese, and spicy almonds.  Add any vinaigrette and you’ll have a delicious addition to any winter meal.  Or, turn this winter salad into an entree by adding add cooked chicken, boiled egg, baked tofu, or garbanzo beans.

winter salad recipe

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    Arugula salad with quinoa and dried cherries

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