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Asparagus: What Everyone Wants to Know

Question: Why does my pee smell like asparagus even after only one bite of the stuff?  And why do some people claim theirs doesnt smell…are they lying?

Answer: What you’re smelling is sulfur.  Asparagus has some sulfur-containing compounds, which end up in your urine within about 30 minutes of eating it.  Gross.  Well, for some of us at least.   Not everyone notices the sulfur smell, because whether or not you smell it is determined (we think) by a genetic trait.  So start getting jealous of your liar-friends, as they are probably telling the truth.

Thanks for asking, because you know everyone else is wondering the same thing.

Craving some asparagus, even after reading this?  Try this Bon Appetit recipe for Grilled Pancetta-Wrapped Asparagus (pictured above).

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