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The Best Natural and Organic Easter Candy

These natural and organic candies are the treats you crave – without all the junk!

Want to give your kids the joy of waking up to a basket full of goodies on Easter morning, without loading them up on artificial colors and flavors, preservatives and other chemical ingredients?
You can!
With all the natural and organic treats on the market these days, it’s absolutely possible to have your cake (or candy) and eat it too. Below is some of my favorite natural and organic Easter candy right now. For more ideas, check out my Easter Candy Guide from last year.
Wondering where to find these goodies? See my shopping tips below.

organic easter candy
1. Smash Mallows Strawberries and Cream – “snacking marshmallows” that come in many indulgent flavors.
2. Surf Sweets Sour Worms – the worms that helped me kick my Sour Patch habit.
3. Heavenly Organics Dark Chocolate Honey Patties – just 2 ingredients in these!
4. Torie and Howard Chewie Fruities – like Starbursts, only better.
organic easter candy
6. Cookie Chips – when you need a cookie break between all the candy.
7. Little Secret’s Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate Candies – you’ll never want m&m’s again!
8. Trader Joe’s Jelly Beans – in my opinion, the most delicious jelly beans out there.
9. Surf Sweets Spring Mix Jelly Beans – find snack packs of these at Whole Foods.
10. Theo Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites – a special treat for the grown-ups.

Where to Find Natural and Organic Easter Candy

  • Whole Foods – stocks all of the brands you see above (besides the TJ’s jelly beans)
  • Trader Joe’s – besides their jelly beans, they have dye-free, naturally-flavored gummies + many kinds of chocolate treats
  • Target – Find in the natural section of the candy aisle – it’s not with the Easter candy but in the regular candy section. Target also sells Annie’s bunny fruit snacks + other Annie’s treats, also perfect for Easter
  • Sprouts – A wide variety of natural and organic candy – some of these above + many others
  • Thrive Market – offers some of these + a variety of other organic candies
  • – I’ve never ordered from here, but they seem to have every organic candy imaginable

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