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Best Ways to Recover from Holiday Eating

Did you overindulge a bit on Thanksgiving?  Me too.  And we’ll both probably do it again before the holiday season is over.  But that doesn’t mean we’re destined for weight gain or poor health, it just means we need to get back on track, and fast.  Here’s what I’m planning to do:

  1. Get moving. It’s always important to exercise, but it’s especially helpful during the holiday season. I like to rev up my workout routine in November and December, either by adding an extra day of exercise every week or adding an extra 15 minutes to each workout.  Preventing weight gain is just a matter of math — if you’re eating more, you have to burn more.
  2. Focus on veggies. After an indulgent Thanksgiving weekend, it’s time to pack meals and snacks with produce.  Snack on in-season apples, frozen berries in plain yogurt, or veggies with dip.  Make meals that are mostly veggies with some lean protein, heart-healthy fat (oils, nuts, avocado), and whole grains sprinkled in.
  3. Stock up on healthy food. Don’t skip trips to the grocery store during these next few weeks.  Stick to your shopping routine as much as possible, so you can make sure you have healthy food on-hand for meals and snacks.
  4. Eat regular meals. Don’t starve yourself or skip meals to “prepare” for a big binge.  You’ll be too hungry to make good choices and you’ll mess with your metabolism.  Instead, eat regular healthy meals (see #’s 2 and 3) so you’re not ravenous when it’s time for a holiday meal.
  5. Ditch the all-or-none thinking. Some people approach holiday eating with the idea that they’ll just let loose and then get healthy again in January.  But it’s much easier to stay on track than it is to get back on track after a month-long stretch of indulgence.  So after you splurge on a meal or at a party, don’t worry about it, just get back to your normal routine right away.  One fumble can’t ruin your diet or health, but a long series of fumbles can.

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