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Burgers for Labor Day

burger with green chiles

Burgers and hot dogs are great, but sometimes they need a little livening up!  This Labor Day, offer your guests some unique toppings for their grilled burgers (or veggie burgers) and dogs.  It doesn’t require much more work for you, but it’ll make for a more memorable BBQ.  Either do a “feature flavor” like one of these, or just display a bunch of toppings.  Here are some topping ideas…

Mexican style…

Canned diced green chiles

Black bean and corn salsa

Pepper jack cheese

Salsa Verde (green salsa made from tomatillos)

Avocado slices

Italian style…

Marinara sauce

Provolone and/or mozzarella cheese

Fresh basil leaves

Sliced Pepperoncinis

Sliced roasted red peppers

Greek style…

Olive tapenade (or sliced olives)

Feta cheese

Fresh mint leaves

Sliced cucumber, red onion, bell pepper

Greek yogurt or tzaziki sauce


Southern BBQ style…

Several different BBQ sauces


Caramelized onions

Indian style…

Mango chutney

Fresh cheese (like Queso Fresco, frying cheese, etc)

Golden raisins

Spinach leaves

Plain yogurt

Hawaiian style…

Sliced pineapple rings

Cooked Canadian Bacon

Sliced red onions

Whichever you choose, your guests will love loading up their traditional sandwiches with a variety of fun toppings.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day!

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