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I won’t make a habit of posting political propaganda, but because this coming election includes a proposition relevant to food & nutrition, I feel I must make my opinion known…and that is,


More and more, farm animals are being raised in conditions that would horrify even the most ardent carnivore: Egg-laying chickens spending their only 1-2 years of life in small cages with 12 other chickens; calves living in stalls where they have no room to turn around or even shift their weight; pigs living in stalls where they have no access to the outdoors — just to name a few.

Prop 2 is a small step in the direction of a more sustainable food system, because it sets limits on the harm big factory farms can impose on animals just to guarantee the lowest price for consumers. It is a sign that Californians want to move toward sustainable farming, where family farms who treat their animals well are the norm, rather than the exception. Prop 2 would make it harder for new factory farms to emerge, which has a positive effect not only on animals (and the consumers who eat these animals), but also on farm employees and neighboring communities who will experience a better quality of life.

If you don’t live in California, you won’t be voting on Prop 2, but you can still make a difference by encouraging your friends and family members who are CA residents to vote yes on this important piece of legislation.

Email me with any specific questions, I’d be happy to tell you more about this important legislation!

Get more information on Prop 2 here

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