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Why I Choose Organic Produce

organic food

Every year, more of my food purchases become organic.


Because I like the peace of mind organic food brings me. I like knowing that my family is not being exposed to toxic chemicals through food. I like supporting better health and working conditions for farmers and farm workers.

On my recent trip to Earthbound Farm, all of my existing feelings about organic food were completely reinforced. I saw with my own eyes an enormous farming operation functioning naturally and healthfully. Every field we visited, every person we met and every morsel we tasted simply surpassed my expectations. This is one of the biggest produce growers in the country, and yet everything was still so…organic!

Here are just a few of the people, places and tastes that made me even more of a believer in organic food.

Earthbound Farm

Myra Goodman, who co-founded Earthbound with her husband when she was just 20 years old. She had so many great stories – my favorite of which was how they used to wash and pack lettuce in their tiny living room!

Earthbound farm

Stan Pura, a lifelong farmer and now partner at Earthbound. Since Stan used to farm conventionally, he was able to describe for us just how different organic farming is from conventional. “Organic is a whole different way of thinking,” he said.

Earthbound farm

Will Daniels (who deserves a much better picture than this, but it’s all I got!), the director of Organic Integrity and Food Safety. He developed a revolutionary food safety program at Earthbound that has set a new gold standard for the entire industry. He also insures that Earthbound meets or exceeds organic standards.

earthbound farm

Fields of kale.

earthbound farm

I was so taken by these cute little kale ” trees” and their vibrant green color!

earthbound farm

Arugula as far as the eye can see. The whole field smelled so peppery!

organic produce

Original heirloom raspberries that Earthbound began growing & selling in 1984 (same plants!). Their taste was unreal.

earthbound farm

Chef Sarah’s butternut squash with wilted spinach and pumpkin seeds. I could have eaten this whole pan.

earthbound farm

Organic soft serve raspberry frozen yogurt, served at Earthbound’s Farm Stand. By far the best. fro-yo. on. earth.

Though this trip is a thing of the past, the organic foods I buy at the farmer’s market and grocery store help me relive these experiences everyday at home.

This post is brought to you by Earthbound Farm. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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