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Easy & Mess-Free Way to Eat An Orange

peel an orange

Do you like oranges but hate peeling them?  Me too.  I would never have thought to eat one as a snack until I started eating them this way…

After washing the outside of the orange with water (yes, you should wash fruits you peel, so the dirt and who-knows-what-else doesn’t go from your knife right into the flesh of the fruit, an ideal breeding ground for grody things), cut off the top and bottom of the orange:

how to peel an orange

Using your knife, make a slit down one side of the orange:

how to peel an orangeThen turn the orange and slice it into rings like this:

how to peel an orangeNow you have easy access to eating the fruit:

how to peel an orangeJust pull it apart and bite right in:

peel an orange

These orange rings even travel well in a Ziploc baggie, so now we have no excuse for avoiding this delicious winter fruit!

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