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Easy Way to Eat More Fruit

In the latest issue of the Nutrition Action newsletter (click here to subscribe — it is fascinating), I learned how a diet rich in fruits & vegetables is the main way to achieve heart health. And although I’ve been obsessed with F&V; for a long time, I now see even more reason to increase the amount in my diet. If you eat 2000 calories per day, you should aim for 11 servings…which sounds like a lot, but it’s the equivalent of this:

a fruit with breakfast (1/2 cup)
a large serving of fruit for a snack (1 cup)
an entree salad for lunch (3-4 cups)
veggie-based stir fry, fajitas, ratatouille, tacos, etc. for dinner (2 cups)

And there you have it — 11 servings!

Here’s how I’m getting closer to my servings goal today —
pineapple & nectarines dipped in this:

1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 tbsp limeade concentrate
1 cup Cool Whip Lite (or real whipped cream)
(Mix yogurt & limeade together, then gently fold in Cool Whip with a spatula. Add lime zest if you’d like.)

Email me at [email protected] if you’d like other variations on this dip!

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