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Food, Love, and Valentine’s Day

I spend a lot of time here talking about why you should eat healthier, offering tips to make healthy eating easier, and answering your questions about food and nutrition.  But I never say why I even care what people eat, and what really drives Eating Made Easy.  I thought Valentine’s Day would be a perfect time to chat about this.  Because really, it all boils down to love.

When it comes to food, I believe:

  • Food should fuel our bodies so we can have a high quality life
  • Food should taste good and bring us pleasure
  • Food requires attention, but not obsession or stress or overwhelm
  • Food should strengthen the ties between us and our families, communities, farmers, and planet

I know these seem like lofty and maybe even obvious statements.  But I think that small step by small step, we can make these food visions more of a reality.  So this is what I always have in mind when I’m writing.  I really want my readers to feel like they can buy, prepare, and eat food that tastes good, makes them feel good, and provides them more quality time with loved ones.  I hope you find the ideas, information, and recipes on Eating Made Easy are helping to fill your life with a little more love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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