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The Best Meal Planning Services and How To Reduce Food Waste

When I heard that 40% of the food grown in this country goes to waste, I almost fell over. Forty percent?! That’s nearly half of our entire food supply.

This trailer from the documentary “Just Eat It” explains a bit more:

I’ve been thinking: What if we all just bought less food – but higher quality food – and made better use of it? I bet many of us could then afford to buy more organic food, which would benefit our families, farmers, farm workers, farmland, animals and the environment.

Sounds easy, right?

Of course, being efficient with ingredients takes a certain amount of skill, time and effort. Luckily there are some awesome and affordable meal planning services that make cooking at home easy.

Below are three meal planning tools I recommend. Utilizing one of these can really help reduce food waste at home. If each of us wastes less at home, together we can make a huge impact on reducing food waste in general.

The Fresh 20

meal planning

With just 20 ingredients you can cook dinner for your family for an entire week.


meal planning

Meal plans that cater to all kinds of diets, plus resources to make you a better cook.

Food on the Table

meal planning

A weekly meal plan, grocery list and even the sales at your local store – delivered right to your smartphone.

Let me know if you have other favorites meal planning services!

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