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Healthier Snacks for The Lunch Box

It’s only mid-September, but odds are you’re already looking for new foods to pack in your child’s lunch — foods he or she finds appealing enough to eat!  Of course you could give in and resort to Flaming Hot Cheetos and Lunchables, but those aren’t foods that will really fuel your child for a good day at school.

So, to combat this lunchbox boredom and satisfy your desire to nourish your kids with good stuff, we’ll be featuring a healthier snack product everyday this week.  [Notice I said healthier.  The best snacks never come in packages!] Here’s the first:

Dr. Sears Popumz!

These come in sweet flavors – Caramel, Chocolate (pictured above), and Vanilla – which make the perfect substitute for a cookie or other less healthy dessert.


If you want a chip/cracker substitute, try their savory flavors — BBQ, Ranch, and Cheddar.

All Popumz are pretty low in calories (90 per bag), and offer fiber and omega-3 fatty acids – something not many snack foods or desserts can claim.

Even if you’re not a youngster with a lunchbox, I think you’re gonna like these!  As with all snack and packaged foods, they should be eaten in moderation, since wholesome from-scratch food is always best.  Enjoy!

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