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How I Make Dinner Without A Recipe

taco salad recipe

If you saw the post a few days ago about the formula I use to make meals without a recipe, here’s another example of what this looks like in practice….

I only had a few minutes to throw something together before Lucy was due for her nightly fatigue-induced meltdown, so I opened the fridge and found this in the produce drawer,

and these leftover refried beans with a few remaining grains of rice.

I immediately decided on a taco salad, since I also saw these out of the corner of my eye

taco salad

taco salad

and knew this could all come together in a Mexican-style meal.  I didn’t have any lettuce, so I shredded some cabbage then added tomato, corn cut off the cob, and diced avocado.

taco salad

I warmed the beans and placed a hefty portion atop each pile of veggies, along with some shreds of the cheese and then a dollop each of salsa and plain yogurt.

taco salad

I gave Tyler a tortilla to use for dipping/stuffing, but I ate my salad as is…

It was a fine meal — and a healthy one — and it took only minutes to put together!

Few people have time to find a recipe, shop for the ingredients, prep and cook the food, then serve and clean.  So developing a system for using what you have around is extremely helpful, and will lead to eating more meals at home.

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