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Members Only: Lose the Baby Weight Week 1 Homework

We can only accomplish so much in a 1 hour webinar.  You’ll have to do most of the work during the rest of the week on your own, with the help of the tools I post here and everyone’s shared ideas in the forum.  There will be lots of tools and support for you, but it will take some effort, so each week we’ll have “Homework” which will help guide you.

Here are your tasks for this week:

  1. Keep a Food Record: Write down everything you eat for at least 3 of the next 7 days, including one weekend day.  Be specific, and include time of day, portion size, and how hungry you were when you ate.  Be sure to include beverages, even water.
  2. Schedule your weekly weigh-ins.  Pick a time and day where you’ll weigh yourself every single week.  This is a good way to see how you’re doing.  Resist the urge to weigh yourself more than this, because daily fluctuations due to water, salt, hormones, etc. can affect your weight on a day-to-day basis but aren’t necessarily reflective of your real progress.
  3. Write down your 3 biggest barriers. We all have obstacles that stand in the way of us losing weight.  These are different for different people.  Some examples are: lack of time to prepare healthy meals, lack of energy, stuck in bad pregnancy eating habits, too many tempting foods around, no time for exercise, traveling.

Optional Tasks:

  1. Email me your starting weight. Some people find it easier to stick to goals if they’re accountable to someone.  If this is true for you, email me your starting weight, then every week when you weigh-in at your designated time, you can email me your weight.  Over the 7 weeks of the program, you’ll see results!
  2. Email me your food record for review. If you’d like some tips on where to make small changes that add up to make a big difference, keep track of what you eat for at least 3 days and email it to me.  I’ll review and give you some individual recommendations.  The more detailed and honest you are, the more I’ll be able to help!

If you weren’t able to participate in the live webinar, you’ll be able to watch the recorded version starting tomorrow, then feel free to post any questions or comments you have in the forum.  But take advantage and get started on your homework before then.

Good luck with the week!

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