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Lose the Baby Weight Week 3 Class and Homework


Last night we heard all about the benefits of journaling from Angela Manzanares, creator of fitbook  (who is offering all Lose the Baby Weighters a 15% discount on a fitbook!! Just enter the discount code AMELIA15 at checkout when ordering via their website).

We also talked about motivation and goal setting, and how to stay on track over the long term.

Here is the recording from last night, and here’s the homework:

  • Keep a food and exercise journal this week. At the end of the week, look back at what you ate/did WELL and think of some potential “rewards” for these healthy actions.
  • Think about your “why.” Why do you want to lose weight? What has stood in your way in the past? Why is this time different? Having clear answers to these questions will make reaching your goals easier.
  • What are some of your short-term goals related to eating and exercise? E.g. “I will swap my afternoon bag of chips for an apple” or “I will take a walk after dinner instead of having dessert at least 2 times this week.”
  • Use the forum at least once. This is an invaluable tool if we all utilize it!

Have a great week and see you next Weds (and before that in the forum)!

** I mentioned this already but just to reiterate: It is completely up to you whether you use a fitbook, other pen & paper journal, or smartphone app to keep your food and exercise journal. I don’t have a formal partnership with fitbook and don’t benefit in any way if you buy one – I just happen to love this tool which is why I feature it in this class! 


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