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Lose the Baby Weight Week 5 Class and Homework


Thanks for joining us tonight for the fitness, motivation, and goal setting class featuring Estelle from Fitness Flower and Erica Ziel from Knocked Up Fitness!

Here is the recorded webinar from last night.

Homework for the week:
  • Make a mini-goal for how you’ll fit exercise in during the next two weeks.  Don’t get overwhelmed by this task – just aim for something that’s a little bit more than what you’re doing now.  For me, this is going to be scheduling my exercise ahead of time, and sticking to it.  And to make the most of my time while I’m watching Lucy at the park (doing squats, dips, etc).
  • Think of, write down, and plan for doing some physical activities you actually like.  If you dread exercise, time to change the form of exercise to something you enjoy.  Brainstorm about how something you enjoy could fit into your life, either on your own or with your child/family.
  • Keep an exercise log over the next few weeks.  See if you’re making progress on your mini-goal.  If not, perhaps you should adjust your mini-goal to something that feels achievable to you.  Different things work for different moms!
This week’s giveaway:

The Fitness Flower for busy moms – get fit in just 10 minutes/day!

Fitness Flower


knocked up fitness

Winner will be picked from the forum next Wednesday, so get in there and start chatting!

See you next week for our LAST CLASS!!

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