Make Your Healthy Diet More Exciting

healthy recipe

It’s easy to get into a routine of eating the same old things all the time, especially when you’re trying to eat healthy.  This happens to me too, and when I get bored, I’m more likely to stray from my healthy habits.  To keep food interesting, I make a point to buy at least one new or unusual item (I try to look for a fruit or veggie) every time I shop, whether I’m at the farmer’s market or grocery store.  This helps to keep my interest and encourages me to make different meals using different flavors.

Last week, I saw these red walnuts at the farmer’s market.  They cost a little more than I’d normally spend on nuts, but they’re unique color and crunch provided a much needed food pick-me-up.

healthy recipe

I added them to this salad, which was a mix of lettuces with strawberries, cucumber, green onions, avocado, and purple basil (another “new” food).  I think they’d be even better in a salad that lacked other colors, because the red would really stand out.

strawberry salad

What kinds of foods have you tried recently that have perked up your healthy meals?


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    June 11, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    this is NOT healthy at all – but one of the reasons i exercise often and intensely is so that on occasion, i can splurge. today i bought organic pop tarts (something i haven’t eaten for at least a decade or two) and it’s going to motivate me to climb mount baker next weekend! i’ll eat them as a quick and calorie rich breakfast or snack. one truly healthy thing i’ve tried recently is pepitas (pumpkin seeds); i put them in all sorts of meals to spice things up. they add a little salt and a great crunch to salads and as a garnish to soups.

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      June 11, 2011 at 3:47 pm

      I have to admit, I love those pop tarts! They’re almost enough to motivate me to start exercising again post-baby 🙂

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