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Making Dinner with "Nothing" in the Fridge

Just because you haven’t been to the store doesn’t mean you can’t eat dinner at home.  Having a few frozen veggies, an egg or two, some random things in jars, and a bread item of some sort, means you can throw together a tasty dinner in a flash.  Really.  Here’s what we had last night:

Corn tortillas, broiled for 2 min in the toaster oven with a few old clumps of goat & cheddar cheese
Frozen spinach mixed with a handful of fresh chopped kale that was starting to wilt
The rest of some salsa mixed with 1/2 can black beans & 2 pieces leftover chopped grilled zucchini
1/2 pkt leftover pre-cooked rice from a packet
A fried egg, tomato slices, and about 6 leaves of old-but-still-good cilantro (literally) on top

Not fancy, but it was really good.  And free.  And utilized food that would have gone bad.  You can do this too!

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    January 20, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    This is such a great post! I always have "nothing" in the fridge. Also, thanks for the shopping list for easy meals. Wonderful idea!

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