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Mexican Breakfast For Dinner

breakfast for dinner

Here’s yet another way to use your leftover potatoes in a quick & tasty meal — Breakfast for Dinner!  Not only is “Brinner” a refreshing change of pace, but it’s an appealing way to offer a balanced meal (protein + veggies) to your family members who may not always be health-focused.

I used grilled potatoes here, since I had some from the previous night’s dinner, and since they kind of resemble “breakfast potatoes,” but you could also serve this meal with toast, rice, or any leftover cooked grain.  Here’s how I assembled it…

First, saute whatever veggies you have available.  I had some kale and an onion, so those went into a skillet with a little oil and later, the beans:

breakfast for dinner menu

I warmed the potatoes in the same skillet and added them to the plated veggie mixture:

breakfast for dinner menu

I used the same skillet to fry up a couple of eggs, then added those to the pile:

breakfast for dinner

And finally, topped our dinner off with a few thin slices of cheddar cheese, some chopped tomatoes, and a spoonful of salsa:

breakfast for dinner menu


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