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Motivation: The Key Ingredient


Regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply maintain healthy eating and exercise habits, it can be hard to motivate sometimes!  We all fall into ruts where making a healthy lunch, getting to the gym, or choosing an apple over Cheetos seems too hard.  So what can you do to really motivate and get back on track?

1.  Make a commitment!  Odds are low that everything you’ve ever wanted in life just falls into your lap.  Getting what you want takes time, effort, and commitment.  If you really want to eat healthy, decide to do it and don’t look back.

2.  Start a food and exercise diary.  Writing down what you eat and when/how much you exercise is the best way to:

  • Become aware of your current habits (you may think you already know, but it’s amazing how much you learn when you see it on paper!)
  • Set small, measurable goals that add up to your larger goals (for example, “order coffee at breakfast instead of a latte” is a small goal that over time will lead to weight loss)
  • See progress and celebrate your successes!

Technically all you need to keep a food/exercise journal is a pad of paper and a pen, but if you want to have a little more fun with it, I suggest getting a fitbook.  Fitbook is a handy little journal that helps you set goals and provides you with inspiration and motivation while you work toward them.  It seriously turns journaling from a chore into something I look forward to!  Plus, 75% of fitbook users see results within 12 weeks!

3.  Reward yourself.  When you meet small goals, give yourself a treat!  Not a brownie or margarita marathon, but something non-food that you would really look forward to.  Set up a reward system where you get small rewards for meeting small goals (maybe an hour on the couch with an US Weekly, a long walk with a friend, watching your favorite show on TV), and bigger rewards for bigger goals (a new pair of jeans, a weekend away with your husband, hosting a party, etc).  Give yourself the opportunity to earn the things you love!

4.  Allow for ups and downs.  There will always be days or weeks when you don’t meet your goals for whatever reason, but don’t let this diminish your motivation to continue on your path.  No one’s perfect, and the sooner you’re able to forgive yourself for a slip-up and get back on track, the sooner you’ll be re-motivated and the sooner you’ll see long-term results!

Losing and maintaining weight is hard work.  But it’s SO WORTH IT.  Keep on plugging away – you’ll be glad you did!

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