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No Prep Superbowl Snacks

When it comes to game day appetizers, we often get stuck on the same old snacks: tortilla chips with 7-layer dip, potato chips with ranch, and frozen fried buffalo wings.  This year, change it up a little with some of the ideas below.  They’re just as easy as the old go-to’s, but have more flare and fewer gross additives.  Whether you’re hosting a party or bringing a dish somewhere else, you’ll have happy eaters!

  1. Food Should Taste Good Olive Chips, served with creamy hummus or olive tapenade.  These chips are super tasty, high in fiber, and made with non-GMO (genetically modified) corn.  This is my favorite hummus for dipping, and the jarred Kalamata olive tapenades from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are cheap & delish.
  2. Roasted Garbanzo Beans with Sea Salt.  All you have to do is open a can of beans, roast, then sprinkle with salt and munch away.  Mix them with pistachios or another nut if you like, or just eat these crunchy high-fiber, high-protein little guys on their own.
  3. Cape Cod Reduced Fat Potato Chips with French Onion Dip.  These chips taste just like the real thing, only their crunchier, more flavorful, and won’t leave as much grease lingering on your fingers.  Make the traditional Lipton’s French onion dip using fat-free Greek yogurt in place of sour cream — no one will notice the swap and you’ll save 725 calories and 96 grams of fat!
  4. Salmon Salad on Whole Grain Crackers.  Make this easy canned salmon salad, then pile it onto thinly sliced baguette or serve it in a bowl alongside your favorite whole grain crackers.
  5. Dried fruit with Dark Chocolate Chunks (see above).  Place a few different dried fruits, like peaches, apples, and apricots, on a large platter with some bite-sized hunks of your favorite dark and milk chocolate.  Serving dessert has never been so easy!

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