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POM Wonderful Week Starts Tomorrow


Do you look at the pomegranates in the grocery store and wonder how on earth people get those things open?  Have you been wanting to incorporate pomegranate seeds or juice into a dish but haven’t been quite sure how?  Or are you a pomegranate fanatic (like me) who would love some new recipe ideas for pomegranates that could easily use in an upcoming holiday menu?

You’re in luck!

Thanks to the people over at POM Wonderful, I recently hosted a POM Dinner Party, which featured pomegranates in every course.  I always knew pomegranates were delicious, but this party helped me realize just how versatile they are, and I now I can’t get enough!

So starting tomorrow, Eating Made Easy is hosting POM Wonderful Week.  Over the next seven days, we’ll recap our POM party by showing you how to easily open a pomegranate, giving you cocktail, appetizer, entree, and dessert ideas, and providing festive ways to display pomegranates as part of your holiday decor.

So stay tuned….

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