Protect Family Farmers from Corporate Abuse

Take action to make a difference in the lives of livestock farmers.

New rules proposed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) would make significant changes in the lives of America’s family farmers by cracking down on unlawful corporate practices by giant meatpackers and poultry processors – changes livestock producers have been demanding for decades to protect them from the unfair, deceptive and discriminatory abuses of unchecked corporate power.

Without these important rules, corporate powers will continue to force farmers to buy big barns they can’t afford, retaliate against farmers who speak out by providing bad feed or dropping contracts, and discriminate against producers based solely on the size of their farm – all without consequence.

These new rules are a huge step in the right direction in protecting family farmers against corporate greed and abuse. But this is not a win. Not yet. Powerful corporate interests are spending lots of money to convince USDA that these rules aren’t needed. Family farmers know that they are, and need your help to ensure they are adopted with clear, strong language.

This is the biggest opportunity in decades to make a difference in the lives of America’s livestock producers. Every comment counts.  Please visit Farm Aid here to sign a letter to the USDA.

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