Quick & Easy High Protein Snack

high protein snack

The holidays are full of carbs — primarily white, refined carbs — as well as sugar.  Splurging on these certainly won’t kill you, but it may lead to some holiday weight gain, since they’re just excess calories that don’t provide any nutritional value.

To combat holiday weight gain — and to reassure your body that you do in fact care for it! — try to eat a healthy, high-protein snack when you are in need of something to tide you over til your next meal.  Boiled edamame (soybeans) are a great option, as they offer fiber plus heart-healthy soy protein, and are an unprocessed choice.  To bring out their flavor, sprinkle a little coarse or flaked salt onto the beans after cooking.  I’m currently using this medium-grind sea salt by CJ Foods — it’s the perfect addition to a bowl of hot edamame.

cj foods

If you snack on these, healthy eating actually is easy!


Want more healthy high protein snacks?  Here are 8 more options – all suitable for on-the-run!

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