Shop Your Own Kitchen First

pantry staples

How many times have you headed to the store with a meal in mind, made the meal, then watched the remaining ingredients waste away in your fridge during the week that follows?  Probably more than once.  And you’re not the only one.

One of the best ways to prevent food waste while simultaneously saving money, time, and effort, is to take frequent inventory of your fridge, freezer, and pantry.  Much of the time, there’s no need to buy more stuff just to make a meal.  Some of the tastiest dishes are born from “shopping” in your own kitchen.  (I saw someone on Twitter say “shop your own kitchen first” and thought it was such a great way to phrase it).

Next time you’re tempted to grocery shop, do a thorough exploration of your pantry first.  See if a trip to the store is even necessary, or if you can make some magic with what you already have!  Once you find your ingredients, here are some ideas for what to do next:

A Meal Made from “Nothing”

Pantry Staples

What’s in My Fridge?

Mastering Quick and Easy Meals

The meal pictured above is a leftover shrimp dish (from a restaurant) mixed with noodles and chopped fresh tomatoes.  In a matter of minutes it became a whole new meal!


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