Take Action to Save Family Dairy Farms

All across the country, family dairy farms are struggling to survive a crisis that has already driven many of them off their land. Unless we act now, more and more family farmers will lose their land, their homes, and their livelihood in the coming months.

Farm Aid and supporters like you have spoken out about this issue for over a year, and we’re making real progress. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack appointed a Dairy Industry Advisory Committee to find solutions to the dairy crisis, and they’ve asked the public to weigh in by April 15 as it decides what to do next.

Simply CLICK HERE to send your message telling the committee to immediately set a fair price for milk that will allow family farmers to survive this crisis and stay on their land. And don’t worry, Farm Aid has made it easy and started the letter for you — you can add your own thoughts if you like as well.

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