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The Best Ice Cream in America

best ice cream

Summer’s coming to an end, but the weather should allow for a few more trips to the ice cream shop.  Tyler and I indulged in some of the best ice cream of our lives on our cross-country road trip this summer.  There was Moomer’s in MI:

best ice cream

where Tyler had Raspberry White Chocolate and I had Coconut ice cream with Chocolate and Almonds (pictured above).  There was the fresh peach ice cream at a peach orchard outside Fredericksburg, TX:

best ice cream

and then an old favorite that I just can’t get enough of:

best ice cream

(Butterfinger Blizzard from DQ, of course).  Then there was the ice cream at the Humboldt Castle on an island in the St. Lawrence river in Northern New York, which was delivered by this kid on a little boat:

best ice cream

(he had some problems with the landing, hence the falling containers!)

Some of our other favorite spots:

The Cape Cod Creamery in South Yarmouth, MA — possibly best vanilla soft serve on earth

The Pied Piper Creamery in Nashville, TN — the Movie Star (lemon ginger) was to die for

The Silver Spoon Trailer in Fredericksburg, TX — a gourmet popsicle truck (also has food!)

Chunk-n-Chip Cookies in LA — ice cream sandwiches on freshly baked cookies, called “Boo-Yahs!!”

Coolhaus in LA, Austin, and soon in NYC — gourmet ice cream sandwich truck, with unique and delicious rotating flavors — we even had these at a wedding last spring, check it out.

Buying ice cream to eat at home? Check out this buying guide, so you can make sure your ice cream is hormone-free!

Making ice cream at home? Here’s my favorite homemade vanilla ice cream recipe from Eating Well, which you can alter to become any flavor you want, and bonus: is low-fat!

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